Fast, Accurate Bond Solutions for Businesses

Surety bonds are guarantees. They protect against losses that one party may incur should the other party fail to follow through on its promises.

At Marcus Insurance, we enjoy offering a full range of surety bond services to our clients. We combine our decades of experience with our agency efficiencies to deliver the bond solutions you need, when you need them.

Surety Bonds for Contractors

Contractor surety bonds ensure performance. There are three types of contract surety bonds, which relate to specific steps in the construction process:

  • Bid bond: With this type of bond, the contractor (or surety) is promising to enter into the contract and obtain a performance bond.
  • Performance bond: Here, the contractor is promising to complete work according to the terms and conditions of the contract.
  • Payment bond: Under this surety bond, the contractor is promising to pay any subcontractors or other laborers for the work they have completed. This also promises payment to suppliers for any materials they have provided.

So whether you are a general or artisan contractor, turn to our team to ensure you have what you need to bid projects and see those projects through to the end.

Commercial, Government and Legislative Surety Bonds

Our comprehensive bonding program also enables us to provide a variety of other bonds that business owners may need to run their businesses:

  • Commercial surety bonds: These bonds are required under law, and can include auto dealer bonds, license and permit bonds, liquor bonds and notary public bonds.
  • Court bonds: Judicial bonds and probate bonds are just two types of court surety bonds that you can acquire to protect against financial losses associated with the judicial system.
  • Fidelity bonds: These bonds protect employers in the event of employee theft. A couple variants of this type of bond are the business service bond and the ERISA bond.

Marcus Insurance Can Deliver Bonds Quickly & Painlessly

Parties seeking bonds need those bonds quickly. But they also need those bonds written well. We have created a streamlined bonding request system which allows us to provide fast, accurate bond services to our clients.

If you need a bond, work with our team. We are here to help you be successful. Call us today at 860-563-9353 to contact our independent agency in Wethersfield. You may also contact our insurance agents online. Since 1941, we have been serving clients from Wethersfield – throughout the Hartford area and all across Connecticut.

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