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Connecticut Cyber Liability Insurance


Cyber Liability Insurance


Cyber Liability Insurance: Something for Everyone

News of compromised data is hitting us from all directions. Large corporations, government offices, small businesses and Web-based companies are all under attack from hackers seeking to take advantage of weaknesses in security. Many small businesses worry that there is nothing they can do to protect themselves, as they do not have the money or an IT team in place to build robust firewalls.


Thankfully there is a solution for everyone: cyber liability insurance. Our team of independent insurance agents at Marcus Insurance has extensive experience identifying the right level of cyber insurance your business needs. Do not let your fear of a breach keep you from getting necessary coverage.

What Cyber Liability Insurance Can Do for You

Cyber liability insurance, also known as data breach insurance, protects you in the event of theft or loss of:

First-party data: This includes all data you maintain yourself, including data related to your business, employee data, financial data, and client or customer data.

Third-party data: This protects you if you were responsible for storing, transmitting or managing other people’s or business’s data.

It also protects you against losses related to virus transmissions; cyber extortion; and infringement, libel or slander relating to online content.


With this insurance in hand, your business will not feel the brunt of all costs associated with resolving the cyberattack. Instead, your insurance policy will step in to pay for credit reports, regulatory fines, monitoring systems and more.


Your cyber liability insurance policy will also likely pay you for any losses you suffer if your business is interrupted by the data breach.

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The Secret of Cyber Liability Coverage

Most small business owners worry that they do not have the funds to pay for this added insurance policy. This is needless worrying, because the truth is that cyber liability coverage is actually quite affordable. Want to know more? Then call our independent insurance agents today to discuss your concerns and get your free insurance quote comparison.

Connecticut Cyber Liability Insurance
Insurance Company in Connecticut

Protect Against a Privacy Breach. Contact Marcus Insurance Today.

The stark reality is that no business or governmental agency is safe when it comes to a potential cyberattack. The best way to arm your business, is to purchase cyber liability insurance that allows you to protect your business against the extensive financial losses associated with a privacy breach.

If you do not yet have cyber liability insurance, or if you want to ensure you have the right level of protection, request your free insurance quote.

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