Life & Health Insurance in Connecticut

Health and life insurance don’t constitute fun topics for dinner conversation — but these are two of the most important insurance protections you can obtain for yourself and your family, and they are very important components of a comprehensive personal insurance protection plan, along with auto insurance and homeowners or renters insurance.

Purchasing a health or life insurance policy can help you avoid the much of the expense of medical care and a great deal of financial strain in the unfortunate event of a lost loved one. We work hard to assist you in comparing health and life insurance quotes so you can confidently select the policies that best fit your situation.

Who Needs Individual Health Insurance?

If you’re not covered by your employer’s health insurance policy, you need an individual health plan. With the roll-out of the Affordable Care Act in 2014, it’s now required by law for all citizens to carry health insurance. Unfortunately, choosing a Connecticut health insurance, long-term care or Medicare supplement plan can be confusing, especially with so many available options.

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To help you choose the medical coverage that is best for you, we offer personal advice on a wide range of policies and options that may be applicable to you, including:

  • Major medical
  • Vision and dental
  • Disability insurance
  • High deductible plans
  • Long-term care insurance
  • Medicare supplement
  • Medigap coverage

Who Needs Life Insurance?

Just about anyone could benefit from an appropriately structured life insurance policy. Your age and your financial situation (income, debts, assets) will likely help determine what kind of coverage would be best for you. And regardless of your age or family size, adding a life policy today can help your loved ones avoid financial turmoil in the future.

We can help you compare life insurance quotes for a number of different policies, including:

  • Term life coverage: Ideal for younger parents, term life insurance provides affordable coverage for a set period of time. If the insured individual passes away during the covered period, the policy offers financial assistance to the surviving beneficiary, including for funeral expenses and lost income.
  • Whole life policies: A more permanent option, whole life insurance policies offer protection for the insured individual’s entire life span. Whole life policies are viable options for individuals and families of all ages.
  • Gift life insurance: Gift life policies allow individuals and families to make pre-planned donations to a non-profit or other organization: under these policies the insured is able to name an organization as the beneficiary of the plan. Gift life policies are also commonly used by grandparents to offer an inheritance to grandchildren.

Get the Protection You and Your Family Deserve

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We are proud to serve clients throughout the Northeast and the entire state of Connecticut, including Hartford, New Britain, Glastonbury and other communities near our offices in Wethersfield.

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