Personal Property Insurance in Connecticut

Insurance for CT Renters, Homeowners, Motorists and Boaters

At Marcus Insurance, we leverage decades of experience to offer the detailed advice you need to compare and select a wide range of personal insurance policies. Our knowledge of the industry, combined with our relationships with multiple providers allows us to help you quickly and easily compare multiple quotes for personal property insurance.

We can provide coverage for clients throughout the state from our headquarters in Wethersfield, CT. Renters insurance, homeowners insurance, auto insurance, boat and RV,  and umbrella coverage — let us help you find the right amount of protection at the right price.

Create a Customized Personal Insurance Plan

Understanding which policies offer the best protection for your automobile, home, toys and other personal property can be difficult. By helping you compare multiple car, home and umbrella insurance quotes we work to ensure that you and your family are protected against the financial damage caused by virtually any unforeseen event.

Our staff offers detailed advice on a wide range of personal insurance:

  • Auto insurance: Choosing the right coverage for your vehicles is an important step in avoiding future financial hardship caused by an accident or theft. We offer helpful advice on a wide range of auto insurance policies that meet your specific needs.
  • Boat, RV and motorcycle insurance: Insurance plans for boats, RVs and motorcycles vary as widely as the equipment they cover. We offer advice on all of your options for insuring your toys.
  • Home insurance: You’ve worked hard to purchase your home; your insurance policy should work just as hard to protect it. We offer advice on number of home insurance plans that cover damage to your property, theft of your belongings and a number of other unpredictable events.
  • Umbrella insurance: As an added policy, umbrella insurance offers enhanced protection on top of your car and home coverage. Umbrella policies also provide protection against liability and legal action resulting from injuries on your property.
  • Renters insurance: Your landlord’s insurance will not compensate you for losses due to fire, flood, theft or liability claims. Talk to an agent about this low-cost coverage. Learn more about CT renters insurance here.

Comprehensive Personal Insurance Planning Guidance

In order to truly obtain the protection you and your family deserve, it is important to create a customized coverage plan that addresses your unique assets and exposures. To help you do so, our staff will work closely with you to review all of your property, your goals and any potential liability, before offering advice on policies that offer valuable benefits.

Request a car, home or umbrella insurance quote or call 860-563-9353 to begin comparing quotes. To have a member of our staff call you, contact our Connecticut insurance agency online. We serve clients all throughout Connecticut .

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Mitch is an excellent agent. He not only helped us get the right coverage for our business but also helped us with educating us on a insurance based construction job we worked on. Friendly and fair, can't ask for more. — Brad Schmitt