Car Insurance in Connecticut

The prospect of shopping for and purchasing car insurance is often stressful for people. There are more questions than answers, especially if you’re shopping and comparing on your own:

  • What is the right amount of car insurance for you?
  • How do you choose the right auto insurance policy when comparing cost and coverage?
  • What level of protection are you really getting from your existing policy?
  • Do teen drivers and families need different types and amounts of protection?

Adequate auto insurance to cover your vehicles and protect the passengers within them is a key step in limiting the out-of-pocket expenses (and stress) you may experience following a car accident or other loss. Unfortunately, with so many companies offering endless policy options, it can be difficult to choose the coverage that’s perfect for you.

That’s where we come in. Having an independent insurance agent looking out for you is your secret weapon in getting maximum value and protection in your auto insurance policy — and giving you peace of mind.

What to Consider When Comparing Auto Insurance Quotes

We take into consideration the following factors, and more, when advising individuals on car insurance policies:

  • How much coverage do you really need? While it can be tempting to keep costs low by ignoring certain coverage options, do you truly want to run the risk of being underinsured? We work to help you choose a policy that provides comprehensive, collision and medical protection in even the most serious of accidents.
  • Is a high or low deductible better for you? Choosing the right deductible for your unique situation is an important step in controlling insurance rates and out-of-pocket expenses. We offer advice on the benefits of both low and high deductibles.
  • Would additional coverage like towing, glass, and rental be helpful? Adding towing, glass and rental coverage to your policy is often very affordable and can help to mitigate costs, hassle, and stress in the event of a loss.
  • What are the special insurance needs of young drivers? We can advise on selecting a policy for your teen driver and work to keep costs low while still helping you find insurance coverage that best protects your finances and your young person.
  • What discounts do you qualify for? Bundling your auto coverage with a policy for your home or your toys, including a motorcycle, can help reduce rates. Is your teen driver a great student? Do you have a spotless driving record? We may be able to find additional savings on your auto insurance policy. We will explore all available discount options, including multi-policy discounts and good driver savings to help you maximize your dollar.

Connecticut Auto Insurance Advice from a Local Independent Agent

Our goal is to help you develop a comprehensive personal insurance plan that helps you mitigate risk and meets all of your coverage needs, and car insurance is an important component. You simply can’t get that level of expertise, consideration, and personal service from an online quoting wizard.

Your personal Charles Marcus independent agent will help you compare multiple rates from a range of providers, allowing you to choose the coverage that offers the best protection for you at a rate you feel comfortable with.

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