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Connecticut Small Business Insurance


Small Business Insurance


Small Business Insurance for Connecticut Companies

Every business, regardless of size, requires insurance. To make sure you have the right insurance, however, you need to work with an agency who can match the right policy to your needs.


Enter Marcus Insurance. Since 1941, our team of independent insurance agents has focused on providing on-point insurance coverage for all variety of small businesses, from retail shops to restaurants to family-owned companies. So whether you are considering opening a new business soon or you want to know if you are covered for the right things at the right price, call our team.

The Business Owner’s Policy

The business owner’s policy, or BOP, is the keystone business insurance policy that most small companies carry. It conveniently joins two main coverages into one affordable package:

Business property insurance:  This aspect of your BOP protects all property that you own or rent, including your office space, your tools, your technology equipment and your inventory.

Business liability insurance: With general liability insurance, you gain protection against lawsuits in the event that you, your property or your staff causes injury to a person or damage to other property. It is important to understand that the business liability coverage that comes in a BOP does not protect you against claims that stem from professional services.

An added benefit to carrying a business owner’s policy is that you can tailor it to fit your particular needs. For instance, contractors may need to add an inland marine policy to their package. Or a retail store owner may want to carry loss of business income in case an event occurs that causes the store to close. And anyone that provides a professional service will want to discuss an errors and omissions policy – professional liability insurance.

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Benefits of Getting a BOP Through Marcus Insurance

Here at Marcus Insurance, we focus on you. We care about your business, your goals and your bottom line. To that end, we will identify what makes your business unique and then help you understand which coverages you need—and which ones you can dismiss.


Moreover, we believe our work is never done. We will schedule regular policy reviews and analyze your insurance package to cover any new gaps or find better coverage at a better price. In short, we stick with you throughout the life of your policy.

Connecticut Small Business Insurance
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Contact Marcus Insurance for a Free Quote

We know you are busy. We will gather some basic information and then request free quotes from multiple insurance companies on your behalf. We will comb through your options and then deliver the best bets to you. All of this is done free of charge.


Your business and your insurance protection are important. So take the right step by speaking with someone who will be more than salesperson.

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