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Connecticut Workers Compensation Insurance


Workers Compensation


Connecticut Workers Compensation Insurance

As a business owner, you are likely focused on protecting your investment and limiting expenses relating to your daily operations. When choosing workers compensation coverage, it is important to keep costs low. It is also important to choose a policy that offers the financial protection and support your business and employees deserve in the event of an injury or illness.


We work to help you understand the many benefits your workers compensation coverage should offer:

  • Medical care

  • Temporary total disability

  • Temporary or permanent partial disability

  • Relapse or recurrence

  • Discretionary benefits

  • Job retraining

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What Are the Different Factors that Determine Your Workers Comp Costs?

In an effort to help you understand your specific business insurance needs and to control workers comp costs, we provide personal advice on a wide range of factors relating to your coverage:

Your Experience Rating: When preparing a quote for workers compensation coverage, insurance companies often conduct a review of the experience rating of your business. Your experience rating will involve a number of factors, including the number of accidents reported by your business over a set period of time. We’ll help you understand your experience rating and how it may impact available policies and rates.

Amount of Employers Liability Coverage You May Need: Also referred to as employment practices liability insurance, employers liability coverage provides you with protection against lawsuits filed by an employee, contract staff and vendors. Many employers liability policies offer compensation for legal fees and judgments relating to suits resulting from an injury or illness in the workplace.

Payroll Audit Results: When a workers compensation policy is written, the provider often conducts a payroll audit to define premiums. We offer helpful advice on payroll audits and how they impact your premiums and future rates.

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Begin Comparing Workers Compensation Policies and Rates Today

With our work in the Hartford, New Britain and Glastonbury, Connecticut areas, we’ve helped countless clients control workers comp costs, all while protecting their businesses against out-of-pocket expenses relating to a workers compensation claim.


We have assisted clients who are active in a wide range of industries, including retail, legal, industrial, food service, manufacturing, contracting and others, giving us the unique insight needed to help you compare Connecticut workers compensation quotes that fit your unique needs.

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