Connecticut Professional and General Liability Insurance

Adding professional and commercial general liability coverage to your insurance plan is one of the most effective ways to avoid costly out-of-pocket expenses relating to accidents, errors and other unforeseen events. With so many types of liability policies available, choosing the best coverage for your business can be a challenge.

At Marcus Insurance, we leverage decades of experience to offer advice on policies that can help you protect your investment and hard work. With relationships with multiple insurance providers and a detailed knowledge of business insurance lines, we are able to help you compare general liability insurance quotes for a wide range of products.

Commercial Umbrella Policies

Adding a commercial umbrella policy to your coverage plan offers increased protection against a wide range of expenses, including those relating to accidents involving business vehicles, injuries on your property and damage resulting from an employee error.

Directors and Officers Coverage (D&O Insurance)

Often called D & O, directors and officers liability insurance protects executives against the costs of legal action relating to negligent or wrongful acts committed in the capacity of their positions.

Errors and Omissions Protection (E&O Insurance)

Everyone makes mistakes. Unfortunately, some mistakes lead to serious expenses. Adding errors and omissions coverage to your protection plan can help you avoid these expenses in the event of an oversight or mistake by a staff member.

Cyber Liability Insurance

In the information age, it is important to explore the option of adding cyber liability insurance to help your business avoid the costs of damages resulting from leaked client information, computer viruses and other situations involving the transfer of data.

Medical Malpractice Liability Insurance

Few industries face the same level of professional scrutiny as that of the medical field: even the smallest error can lead to serious expenses. Adding medical liability coverage to your insurance plan is a key step in limiting out-of-pocket expenses relating to malpractice claims or lawsuits.

Slander and Libel Protection

In today’s technological world, it is difficult to limit communication from staff members regarding your competition and other businesses. Adding slander and libel insurance may help to protect you from the expenses resulting from defamatory statements made by employees during the course of their duties.

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