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Connecticut Contractors Insurance


Contractors Insurance


Insuring Connecticut’s Independent Contractors

Since 1941, Marcus Insurance has focused its efforts on protecting those who work hard to make our communities strong. We have provided comprehensive policies for large corporations and small, family-owned businesses. And we have seen how the changes in the workforce have required changes in the insurance industry.


Today’s workforce continues to welcome more independent contractors every day, from construction workers to salon specialists. Thanks to our decades of experience and long-standing existence in the Hartford area, we understand just what insurance protection contractors need to thrive.

Protect Your Business Through Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Not every contracting business is made the same. From different business types to service areas, the particular insurance needs of any given contractor will vary. While some contractors can get most of the coverage they require through a business owner’s policy (BOP), many need tailored policies that encompass a variety of coverages, including:

Contractors’ general liability insurance: General liability (GL) insurance covers you in the event of either bodily injury or property damage that you or one of your employees causes.

Commercial property insurance: From covering buildings and furniture to inventory and technology equipment, this type of policy protects you in the event of fire, hail, smoke, vandalism and more.

Commercial vehicle insurance: This can cover a single vehicle or a full fleet, as long as you use each vehicle in the policy for business purposes.

Inland marine insurance: If you transport goods over land or water, or if you work on property that travels to and from your place of work, you should absolutely consider carrying inland marine coverage.

Errors and omissions insurance: Errors and omissions (E&O) insurance is often referred to as professional liability coverage. This policy protects you from claims arising out of mistakes you may make while performing your professional duties.

Workers compensation: Whether you need work comp insurance depends greatly on the size of your business. With this coverage, you are protected against claims from employees who get sick or suffer an injury while on the job.

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Covering All General Contractors, Contractors and Subcontractors

Many of the contractors we insure work in the construction industry, and include:

  • General contractors

  • Carpenters

  • Electricians

  • Handymen

  • HVAC professionals

  • Painters

  • Plumbers

We also work with other professionals who work on a contract basis, including:

  • Freelance writers, designers and other creatives

  • Independent hair stylists and massage therapists

  • Pet trainers and dog groomers

Connecticut Contracts and Subcontractors Insurance
Insurance Company in Connecticut

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Whether you’re a general contractor or the owner of a small law firm, you can trust that we know the coverages you will need to protect you and your business. Request your free quote online. One of our team members will be in touch shortly to discuss your options.

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