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Connecticut Commercial Auto Insurance


Commercial Auto

Customizable Commercial Auto Insurance Packages

From local florists and printing companies to large cargo distributors, our team of independent insurance agents at Marcus Insurance in Wethersfield know how to search through our expansive network to find you the most competitively priced commercial auto policy. So whether you use your own vehicle for your solo business or you run a full fleet, turn to us.

Protect Your Business Through Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Commercial auto policies protect your vehicles. But they do more than that. They protect your people and your bottom line. Here is a short list of the coverages you should expect to receive in a properly customized commercial auto package:

Medical payments, which covers medical bills associated with injuries you, your driver and/or your passengers sustain in an accident

Bodily injury, which covers costs related to injuries sustained by the other driver(s) involved in an accident

Medical payments, which covers medical bills associated with injuries you, your driver and/or your passengers sustain in an accident

Property damage, which pays for damages to the other party’s (or parties’) property

Uninsured/underinsured motorists coverage, which steps in to cover your bills if the other driver had little or no insurance

Collision coverage, which covers damages sustained to your vehicle in an accident

Comprehensive coverage, which covers damages sustained to your vehicle that were caused by something other than an accident

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Special Considerations for Commercial Auto Coverages

Our agents have extensive knowledge working with special coverage needs that arise with our clients:

  • Large companies with multiple drivers and multiple vehicles: We understand how important it is to keep endorsements and changes up to date, so that the policy remains accurate at all times.

  • Companies that operate semi trucks: We know that the coverages must extend beyond the semi itself, and work to obtain comprehensive cargo insurance and trailer insurance for a well-rounded commercial auto portfolio.

  • Businesses that operate specialty vehicles: Florists and caterers operate refrigerated vehicles with time-sensitive cargo. We can quickly identify the unique auto coverage needs of any business and to then build the right policy packages to meet those needs.

Connecticut Commercial Auto Coverages
Connecticut Personal Use Vehicles Insurance

Personal Use Vehicles and Your Liability

Small businesses often rely on their employees to drive their personal vehicles for work purposes. If your business requires this, do you fully understand what your liability exposures are?


Our business insurance professionals are here not only to help you find the best policy at the best price. We are also here to help you understand the coverage you have and what you need. Ongoing education, guidance and policy reviews are just some of the many benefits you will gain by working with our experienced independent insurance agency.

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Contact our Wethersfield, Connecticut, independent insurance agency for all of your commercial auto insurance needs. We will help you protect your assets and your business. Learn more by requesting a quote online.

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