Connecticut Homeowners & Renters Insurance

At Marcus Insurance, we possess the knowledge and relationships with multiple insurance companies to help you compare Connecticut home insurance quotes and select the policies and coverage options that fit your unique needs.

What are the Different Components of a Comprehensive Home Insurance Policy?

  • Coverage for the Physical Structure: Physical property protection covers the physical structure of your home against damage caused by fire, weather and other unforeseen events. Many home insurance policies provide compensation for repairs stemming from these events.
  • Coverage for the contents of your home and your personal belongings: Personal belonging coverage is vital because the coverage on the physical property does not include the contents of that structure. In many cases, the contents of a home values as much or more than the physical structure. Imagine being able to re-build your home but not being able to afford to furnish it? Choosing a policy that covers your possessions, including furniture, electronics, clothing and others is a key step in helping you avoid out-of-pocket repair or replacement expenses in the event of a fire, theft or other loss.
  • Coverage for the cost of temporary housing: If you are unable to occupy your home due to damage caused by a fire, storm or other event, you will need alternative housing. Many policies offer temporary housing coverage that addresses the expense of a hotel or other living arrangements while your home undergoes repair.

Beyond Basic Homeowners Insurance

An additional Umbrella insurance policy may be a good idea. For additional coverage against liability or for valuable property, an umbrella policy is a strong option. Umbrella policies offer additional coverage on top of your homeowners plan and can help you avoid expenses stemming from injuries on your property and other losses. Learn more about personal umbrella policies.

Do you have a vacation home or second residence? Much like your permanent residence, it is important to cover your vacation or seasonal home against unforeseen events and damage. We offer advice on how to choose the best protection for your second home, while keeping expenses to a minimum.

Connecticut Renters Insurance

Think you don’t need homeowners insurance because you rent? Think again! Every year in our country, apartment-dwellers and home renters are displaced and have their personal belongings damaged or destroyed by fire and other unforeseen events. While your landlord’s policies may cover the physical structure of his/her building, that protection does not extend to your possessions.

Purchasing a renters policy is important in avoiding repair and replacement costs in the event of a loss. Renters policies also offer financial assistance for temporary housing arrangements should your apartment become uninhabitable due to fire, storm damage or other events. Renter’s policies are typically very affordable, hardly a financial risk at all for the amount of protection and peace of mind having a renter’s insurance policy can provide.

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